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A One Woman Show - Will Return Soon!

With SOLD OUT RUNS at the 2014, 2015, and 2016 United Solo Festivals, Doris returns with EVEN MORE in NYC! And it will be back again.

While filming Lover Come Back, Doris Day rushes home to Beverly Hills to prepare a dinner party. With Rock Hudson to lend moral support, and legendary guests en route, everything goes as planned until the plan unravels. Have a seat at the dinner table and uncover the secrets and scandals behind America’s favorite bubbly, blue-eyed sweetheart.


Shortly after the play’s acceptance into United Solo, Michael Howard Studios Owner, Gabrielle Berberich, called Arielle to say that Doris would be turning 90 and there would be a birthday party for her in, Carmel, CA. She suggested a call and offer to help volunteer to organize the event. Arielle booked a plane ticket and was not only able to volunteer, but invited to attend the party as well. When Arielle’s turn came to meet her, she shakily told her about Doris Day: What Will Be. Doris took her hand and was was nothing short of gracious, kind, and supportive of her endeavor. 

Doris Day and Arielle Halelr-Silverstone


(STAGE CONSULTANT) Originally from Austin, Texas, Ian worked and performed in well over 200 theatrical productions regionally before making the move to New York. Since then, he continues to enjoy his tech and design opportunities and is truly happy to get to work with Arielle again. In addition, he has also appeared in several national commercials, tv and web series as well as writing and producing his own original films. 


(PRODUCTION MANAGER) Sheree is so proud to be a member of the production team for Doris Day: What Will Be. Sheree is a graduate of the Second Year Conservatory at Michael Howard Studios, and received her BA in Film and Media from Arizona State University. 


Award Winning Actor
Arielle Haller-Silverstone

(PERFORMER, PLAYWRIGHT) Arielle is a New York City based actress, and a graduate of the Two-Year Conservatory at Michael Howard Studios, where she currently partakes in Gabrielle Berberich's on-going Scene Study. She holds a B.A. in Political Science from American University as well. In addition to Doris, she will also premiere her first short in 2018: Sac De Merde, a comedy about the time she had an enlightening ...dalliance with a man who had a colostomy bag. Yup a colostomy bag. As our beloved Doris says, "Vulgarity begins when the imagination succumbs to the explicit."

Every year, Michael Howard Studios Second-Year Conservatory performs In Private: A Night of Hollywood Icons.  The course, conceived as one part cinema studies and one part acting exercise, calls upon actors to research, write, and perform a private moment in the life of a Hollywood icon.
After an arduous search to find an icon, Doris rose to the top of Arielle’s list. Her wit, charm, and genuine warmth was enthralling, and she never compromised her work ethic. Needless to say, Arielle was hooked. She set out to research her film and music, and Doris the woman— daughter, wife, mother, movie star. After five sold out performances at United Solo, Arielle premiered her extended versions of the play at the 2015 and 2016 Festivals.




A personal thanks from Doris for donating a portion of 2014 ticket sales to the Doris Day Animal Foundation (DDAF)! To Make a donation please visit

Thank You All!

Thank you to EVERYONE who has made this show come alive. Your generosity and support is above and beyond. We can't do it without each and every one of you!